Want to get involved?

Please email bitsy@hoopwithbuttons.com​


RVA Celebrates World Hoop Day on October 6th in Forest Hill Park from 11am-3pm with Live music from The Judy Chops, demonstrations, games and free instruction from local

hoop lovers!

Most importantly, Hula Hoop giveaways for our community youth! Placing Hula Hoops in the hands of children shows them they are loved and supported by their community, also encourages both physical and mental wellness.

Hoop With Buttons will be giving away 100 Handmade Hula Hoops to local children!

This event is presented to the public FOR FREE by Hoop With Buttons and RVA Hoop Girl, who are reaching out for a little help to make it all happen.
Please consider donating (even if its only $1!) towards the materials, rentals and band!
All funds will go directly into the event. No profit will be gained.
All unused funds will be immediately donated to the World Hoop Day Non-profit Organization.
Check it out!